Why yes, yes I did finish this entire bottle alone.


I will always fucking love this ❤️


The Ghetto Bird - Los Angeles, California


Her story is the saddest, she was a real G. At least she got some action in the ending


El Niño y La Bandera
Fototeca Pedro Guerra


Everyday We Hustlin’ III

“Everyday when I get off the exit by my house in San Bernardino I see the same white foo begging while the homie out here hustling making money, ” reads verdugodiscos’ caption to a photo that has garnered a lot of attention recently.

Without denigrating the truly indigent, this image captures perfectly what many of us see in the United States everyday: Whether it’s selling flower bouquets, fruit, tamales or even blankets off a freeway exit, our people are hardworking and are going to find a way to make it. It’s simply not in our ethos to hold up a sign and ask for help when we can help ourselves.